The team members of BLOCH AVOCAT have the following common qualities that enable them to advise and support their clients as closely as possible to their interests.

Entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of the trades

The team members of BLOCH AVOCAT are committed to understanding their clients’ different businesses and areas of activity as well as the needs related to each of them in order to provide high quality advice adapted to the business goals and targets.

Skills at the service of customers

The team members of the BLOCH AVOCAT possess solid legal skills acquired through their training and professional activities.

A long-lasting and personalised support

The team members of BLOCH AVOCAT are committed to building solid and long-term relationships with their clients based on trust in order to provide each of them with personalised and adapted advice and solutions, to support and accompany them in all steps requiring the intervention of a legal advisor.

A mastery of communication tools

The team members of BLOCH AVOCAT consider that good communication is essential to the follow-up of files entrusted by their clients, which is why they focus on regular communication adapted to their clients’ needs.

BLOCH AVOCAT‘s human size encourages an optimal communication between the members of its team regarding the serious and effective follow-up of cases entrusted by their clients.

A vector of added value

The team members of BLOCH AVOCAT take the necessary steps to provide effective and appropriate solutions to the questions or problems encountered by their clients.

Cost control and transparency

The rates applied by the team members of BLOCH AVOCAT are intended to be competitive and adapted according to the time required to carry out the work entrusted to them, the difficulties involved, the time required to carry it out, the importance of the interests involved and the experience of the lawyer involved.

The team members of BLOCH AVOCAT regularly report to their clients on the costs incurred by the steps to be taken or carried out at their clients’ request.

A solid experience and well-developed networks

Each team members of BLOCH AVOCAT have rich professional experience acquired through their various previous legal activities, as well as solid professional networks developed by BLOCH AVOCAT in order to effectively meet the needs of their clients and facilitate their personal and commercial affairs.